I. C. Can: Self-Cooling Beer, 30 Degrees Cooler in Three Minutes?

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Somehow, Tempera Technology has figured out how to automagically lower the temperature of beer in a can by 30-degrees Fahrenheit in three minutes, using a combination of vacuum heat pump technology and insulation that's safe and environmentally friendly. The I. C. Can is about the same size as a 16-ounce beer can, yet its small cooling mechanism still leaves enough room for 12 ounces of brewski. There's no info yet on how expensive this self-cooling container will be or when we'll see it on store shelves, but how on earth is this magic done? To hear the company tell it, it's all done with proprietary engineering:

When activated, the all natural desiccant contained within a vacuum draws the heat from the beverage through the evaporator into an insulated heat-sink container. It is this patented vacuum-power which lowers the temperature so dramatically and quickly, leaving the beverage inside cool and refreshing.


Now they have to do is get the beer can to deliver itself from the trunk of the car to your hand, preferably with a bag of chips in tow.

Product page [via digg]

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