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I Controlled an RC Car With My Mind And It Was Amazing

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Many car accidents happen because the driver gets distracted or is too tired to drive. In order to help solve this issue, a company called Alchemy Technology has teamed up with Acer to develop a security mechanism, which uses EEG headsets to detect a driver’s brain activity, and slow the car down if it seems like the driver might not be paying attention. After a quick demo of the technology implemented on an RC car, all I can say is I’m psyched for the future of brain driving.


The RC Car is controlled partially by the regular remote control, and partially by your mind. Your brain acts like a gate between the controller and the car. If you concentrate a series of green LEDs light up on the roof of the car—more lights implies a higher level of concentration—and then you can operate the vehicle. If you don’t, the car won’t start moving. If it detects you’ve stopped concentrating while the car is in motion, it will gently come to a halt.


Concentration is a pretty vague word, and at first, I didn’t actually know quite how to flex my brain. However by the end of the demo I had intuitively learned how to control the state of my mind in the way that the car wanted me too. The moment I looked away or got very nervous because of all the people looking at me, the car stopped.