i.Dear enters a crowded field of wooden electronics with its 1.5-watt keychain speaker. The market for uselessly small speakers must be a burgeoning one. It works with any audio source that has the standard audio out jack, while its Korean designers laud its ability to output sound from devices like the all but failed PSP and music-friendly cellphones. After all, who wouldn't want to hear hottt ringtonez from today's latest RIAA-approved "artist" bellow out of a small wooden speaker?


Come to think of it, portable speakers rarely do anybody any good. Firstly, show me someone who wants to listen to Fall Out Boy for the thousandth time (and makes me listen to it, too) and I'll show you a member of the Communist Party. Secondly, portable speakers often sound like wet mud, to use only the most scientific terminology. You're better off investing in a solid pair of headphones. Not only will they sound better, but the people around you will be grateful.

Product Page (in Korean) [Funshop via The Red Ferret Journal]