Logitech mm28 Portable Speakers Reviewed (Verdict: Meh)

I was unaware it was possible, but Vince over at Digital Trends managed to write up a 1,000 word review of a set of portable speakers. Maybe he is getting paid per word over there, but this speaker dock can be summed up with one sentence: The mm28 is an average overpriced set of portable speakers. Hell, these speakers are almost a year old, what took ya' so long to review them, Vince?


This dock runs off AC or battery power, can plug into anything that accepts the standard 3.5mm audio jack and retails for $80. The mm28 doesn't include a remote or volume control and the audio distorts when played loudly. So, these are crappy, overpriced speakers. Stick to the headphones, nobody wants to hear your Earth, Wind, and Fire greatest hits album anyway.


Logitech mm28 [Digital Trends]

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