I Don't Think You Understand How Cheap Blu-ray Really Is

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The downward trajectory of Blu-ray player prices matches DVD almost to the dollar—actually, Blu-ray's cheaper. And that's not considering inflation, or that the best players do a whole lot more than Blu-ray. It's not what Blu-ray makers wanted.

Sony was firm for a long time on not dipping below an MSRP of $300 to battle cheap Chinese players, but already by the end of last year, the Chinese manufacturers were losing just as much money as the big guys like Samsung. The chart, using data from the Envisioneering Group in the WSJ article, shows the average price of players for each format in the years following their launch—DVD in 1997, Blu-ray in 2006.


It just stands to reason if we're not going to spend as much time watching Blu-ray as we did DVD—considering all of the other places we can watch video that's easier good enough—we're probably not gonna pay as much for it. As awesome as Avatar may be, I'm not really sure if 3D's gonna change that fact, at least not in our tiny living rooms. [WSJ, Chart Data by Envisioneering Group]

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This will sound like a pretty dumb couple of reasons but they are my reasons for sticking with DVD for now.

The first is simply cost. To jump to BR, you need not only the player and expensive movies, but a TV that can take advantage of it. Right now, a TV of that caliber, is simply too expensive.

The second reason is, I believe, an unsung reason why others haven't upgraded yet as well. People are more tech savvy now and they know that A) the next technology is right around the corner, even if they don't know what it is yet, and B) you need to have that TV right in front of your face to get the benefit of it. Sometimes it's simply not convenient to sit so close to the TV. I had to forsake getting a coffee table because there would be no way to sit as close as I would need to to enjoy the benefits of the BR resolution.