I Dropped My Stupid iPhone and Broke the Stupid Screen

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Is there a worse moment than when your phone slips as you pull it from your pocket, sending it tumbling towards the sidewalk? Maybe the one when you pick it up and it's fucking broken.

Yeah I broke my screen. It's taken some spills before, but this time it landed right on the corner and got a nasty case of shattered glass on the front. There were a lot of tiny shards that I had to brush off, but it still works. I got a screen cover for it, and it's ugly as sin.

But hey, it's still workable, and with a new model almost definitely coming out on or around July 10th, I'm not about to go buy a new phone right now. So it looks like I'm stuck with this one for about two and a half months. Things could be worse, I guess.


How many of you are dealing with busted-ass phones because of your lack of coordination?

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Dude, I totally flushed my blackberry down a toilet at the bar in a drunken attempt to zip up my fly. The toilet spit it back out when it was done flushing and obviously I reached in and grabbed it. Used it to wash my hands like a bar of soap, turned it off for 2 days, turned it back on and it works like the first day I had it... very strange.