I Dub Thee, The Petmaster!

Some people out there just love pets. For those old ladies with 13 cats or the people with 4 dogs, life gets hectic, but that doesn't mean you can neglect Matilda the Cat. No worries, The Petmaster is here to save the day. Organize vet appointments and feeding times by animal type, schedule alarms to notify you of important times, keep important numbers like the vet and salon handy, and much more. The Pet Master can also find pet-friendly motels when traveling and get phone numbers and locations of clinics. Perhaps the cutest feature is that you can put a picture of your pet into a little picture frame on the inside casing of the Petmaster. So if you love Chuckles so much, you'll run out to Neiman Marcus right now and scoop one up for $30.

The Petmaster [Popgadget]

Purchase info for the Petmaster


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