Yes, right down to the itty-bitty Adam West and Burt Ward. But then again, how do you eat any of this marvellous cakey recreation of the Batcave from the classic Batman '66 TV show?

This delightful creation was made earlier this month by Mike's Amazing Cakes for a client, and although it's hard to tell what exactly is the edible part - I'm guessing the rock formations and the Batcave floor, but the sweet-tooth within is hoping most of the Bat-Technology is just edible Bat-Sugary goodness.


Alas, despite my intent in the header, it turns out that the Batmobile, Batman and Robin aren't edible - they're a diecast model provided by the client to place on the finished cake. And what a cake it is! The detail is spot-on, and the perfect housing for an already awesome Batmobile model. It's almost a shame that you have to eat it, instead of keeping it forever as a delightful diorama.

Well, almost a shame. It's still cake!

[via Between The Pages]

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