I Must Own These Daft Punk Figures With Light-Up LED Helmets

Medicom has been creating Daft Punk figures for a while now, including versions of the secretive duo as they appeared promoting their latest album, Random Access Memories. But the toymaker is now introducing versions of the figures dating back to their 2001 album Discovery, which for the first time will include light-up helmets.


Standing just shy of 12 inches, the Guy-Manuel de Homen-Christo and Thomas Bangalter (the duo’s real identities) figures won’t be available until May of next year, but Daft Punk fans are used to having to wait a long time, and ten months is totally doable. What might be a roadblock is the $256 price tag for each of them, meaning you’ll have to cough up over half a grand for the pair.

Normally that’s enough of a sticker shock to close your browser’s tab and move on, but the fact that each of these figures features tiny working LEDs so their helmets actually light up makes them hard to pass up for die-hard Daft Punk fans.

[Medicom Toy via Toyark]

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