I-O Data to Release HDMC-U Water, Shock Resistant HDD

This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.
This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.

I-O Data is set to release a rubber-coated USB hard drive called the HDMC-U. This is being touted as a water and shock resistant hard drive. The last time I check some flash drives were already liquid resistant. Oh well. The 12GB beast will be available in the middle of this month, just in time for the extreme holiday adventures that could put your 12GB porn collection at risk.

The UDMC-U will also be able in an 8GB flavor. Prices begin at $136.

I-O Data Device's Mobile External HDD Endures Water up to 1-M Depth [Via The Raw Feed]

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With 8 or 12 gig capacity this will be pretty useful to some people. Being more rugged and USB I can see this being used by some people. For example if you live in Seattle, or pee your pants more than a couple of times a day.

For the industrial espionage agent who needs to flush the CPU plans to get it out of the building undetected for pickup by an agent hiding out in Intels sewer main connection, this is the tickey baby!

Mountain bike rider with a terrible, dark secret to hide? One so dark you must carry the evidence with you at all time while riding through Denali? Well we got a shock resistant cure for you dude...

Just got some video footage of a married celebrity doing Dagmar the upstairs maid and no way out of the mansion? Use a wrist rocket to launch your drive over the wall and turn yourself in, heck they can't bust you for much without that drive, and it's shock resistant...

Got 12 gigs of porn to hide from your religous wife, the one who defended home plate like a Mormon girl on prom night until you married her? Shove this thing anywhere or bury it in the yard, you'll be good to go when her Aunt Flo visits and you're stuck for several days.