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Tired of taking your MP3-playing phone out of your bag just to fast forward past James Blunt's You're Beautiful, the song your girlfriend put on there but you still haven't taken off yet? Then get yourself the i.Tech Clip R35 A2DP bluetooth headset. This headset connects to your phone so you can wirelessly stream your tunes to the device while keeping your phone safe in your bag.

The R35 has playback controls right on the Bluetooth receiver for volume, play, pause, and next/prev track. The end of it works as a clip so you can fasten it to your shirt, tie, pants, or nipple. The R35 has six hours of playback time and 150 hours of standby, plus it's available in black or white to accessorize to your phone. Grab it from Korea for 89,000 KRW ($93).


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