I Want To Cover Every Single Wall In This Electroluminescent Paint (Updated)

Taking those electroluminescent wires to a whole new level, a company called Darkside Scientific has created a sprayable paint called LumiLor that casts a uniform fluorescent glow whenever a current is applied. So it can be used to cover irregularly shaped objects with ease, and as Boing Boing points out, it has the potential to revolutionize Burning Man.


Presumably it's not the kind of paint you're going to want to spill or accidentally inhale, so LumiLor doesn't just sell it in cans to the public. And given the unique ways it can be used, I'm assuming the power source needs to be specially engineered and integrated for every application. But it would totally be worth all the hassle. Imagine a room with every wall covered in this paint that wouldn't need an ugly chandelier, unsightly lamps, or even a window for illumination. That's the dream, right?

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[LumiLor via Boing Boing]

Update: A representative from Darkside Scientific reached out to let us know that the LumiLor paint is as safe as any other household paint you can buy. And the primary reason it's not sold to the general public is because the quality of the results relies on the quality of the application, and this allows them to train anyone who applies it with the proper technique.


Shawn Mastrian

I'm the CEO of the company that makes this, Darkside Scientific LLC, and I wanted to provide some information on our coating system that is unclear in the article.

1) LumiLor is non-toxic and environmentally friendly. You can inhale it, in fact, you can literally eat it should you desire, although it is not tasty by any means.

2) LumiLor is not brushable, as there is some precision needed in the application process that a brush does not afford. It is sprayable, though, which makes it unique from any other EL in the marketplace, and it can be applied to just about any surface - metal, plastic, wood, etc.- in any shape or size

3) We don't sell it to the public because we want to ensure the quality of the application, and therefore we insist on proper training and certification of anyone who applies it.

4) The power sources are the same as those that drive EL wire and panels today. You have power, we can power it quite easily. Yes, there is some science in powering it, but we're not splitting atoms.

The product is very cool, and yes, it is very real. Here it is on a motorcycle in public during it's debut last week: