I Will Buy Your USB Shot Glass, Rad Power Hour Girl

Musician Ali Spagnola tours around the country righteously promoting collective binge drinking with her Power Hour Concerts. Then she got sued. Now she’s selling Power Hour USB Shot Glasses to pay her legal fees. Will you marry me, Ali? Or can we at least drink together?


I usually think YouTube promotional videos ooze desperation, but then I saw Ali Spagnola’s video for her USB Shot Glasses. It’s haphazardly edited, hilarious, and magnificently endearing.

The Power Hour Shot Glass comes with a built-in USB drive that contains Ali Spagnola’s 60-track The Power Hour Album. (And yes, she tours the country performing the whole thing.) The concept is pretty straightforward. Each of the sixty tracks on The Power Hour Album is one minute long. You take a shot (usually of beer) every time the song changes. By the end of the hour, everyone is wasted. Spagnola certainly didn’t invent the power hour, but her album is really entertaining. The sixty tongue-in-cheek tracks are performed in nearly every conceivable musical style. Many of the tracks call for additional games, like track 27, “Text Someone That’s Not Here.” I swear Ali Spagnola is psychic. I was going to do that anyway.

Apparently, Spagnola’s sunk tons of cash defending herself from some evil jerk who thinks he owns the trademark to the term power hour. I’m no legal scholar, but I hope he’s wrong. It pains me to see someone with a good heart kept from her creative pursuits over someone’s silly cash grab. If you want to help Ali Spagnola out, the USB shot glass costs $30 or you can just buy the album on iTunes for $12. [Ali Spagnola via Twitter]



60? Wimps. Gotta try the "Centurion". "Cent" = 100. And no bathroom breaks.

Also, try the variation of the "Gherurion" - same rules, but eat a Gherkin pickle after each shot. No bathroom breaks, no puking.