Here's something you will want in your closet: clothes that never stain. Hell, they never even get wet. This Silic T-shirt basically cleans itself with hydrophobic nanotechnology. That means no matter what you spill on it, it'll never damage the shirt.


It's not exactly new technology but hydrophobic nanotechnology is something that always feels magical. Which means even when you wear a T-shirt, you'll feel like a million bucks. Check out the damage a spill can do to a a regular tee compared with one with hydrophobic fabric:

Illustration for article titled I wish all my clothes magically repelled liquid stains like this

The T-shirt, called the Silic and is a Kickstarter project that has already cleared its funding goal, is ultra soft and can last over 80 washes. I want all my clothes to be like this. You can get your shirt here.

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