Thanks to YouTube, the easiest way to score your 15 minutes of fame is to buy an expensive machine, master its capabilities, and film yourself using it. Some go with high-speed cameras, while others go with hydraulic presses. William Osman, on the other hand, went the laser cutter route, and used one to make a hauntingly detailed ham and cheese bust of Vin Diesel, because the unyielding terror of human ingenuity never fails to disappoint.


To be fair, ham and cheese is the perfect medium from which to create an effigy of Vin Diesel. The Fast and Furious movies are basically the ham and cheese sandwiches of Hollywood: They’re cheap, easy to make (we’ve got eight of them!), and are adequately satisfying when you’re too lazy to seek out something fancier.

A lot of people have sandwiches named after them at famous delis, but who among us can boast of actually being turned into one? The only thing that’s left to do is film Vin Diesel eating his own sandwich. Vin, give us a call. We’ll make it happen.

[ via Likecool]

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