I Would Totally Wear High Heels Equipped With Hydraulic Springs

Oh, high heels. You look so hot but hurt so much. Think a little interior padding will save your feet from a world of pain? Psssh. The Kinetic Traces collection by London College of Fashion grad Silvia Fado Moreno, however, are like Easy Spirits with an advanced engineering degree. Check out the hydraulics on these babies!


Moreno's creations aren't exactly subtle—at all—but they do offer an interesting take on the idea that the mechanics of our bodies are complex, and hey: That humanoid machinery deserves footwear that's going to really and truly support it.

In order to establish this baseline of wearability—or wear-all-night-ability, maybe—Moreno studied impact absorption, plus shoe weight, traction, and durability, then hacked the familiar heeled form apart, adding in elements like springs and rubber balls to cushion every step. She also incorporated a combo of traditional techniques like leather-, and metal-, and wood-work, as well as the latest in laser cutting, 3D milling and printing.


Are they sleek like Louboutins? Er, nope. In fact, they kind of look like they're straight from the lab of Dr. Frankenstein. (And granted, some of these are platforms, which are infinitely easier to roam around in.) I'm partial to the teal pair shown up top, but that's the beauty of fashion; one size, or style, doesn't always fit all. [Dezeen]

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