As far as streamers go, the event will face off 12 of the biggest Spanish-speaking streamers in Spain and Latin America, such as Ampeter, PapiGavi, Rivers, Luzu, and Fernanfloo. One of the event’s most anticipated fights is between U.S. streamer Amouranth, the first English-speaking streamer to participate in one of Llanos’ boxing events, and Spanish streamer Mayichi. On Thursday, Amouranth was banned from Twitch for the first time since 2021, although the reasons behind the ban are currently unknown.


La Velada del Año is Llanos’ signature Twitch event. It holds the world record for most simultaneous viewerson Twitch, raking in 3.3 million viewers last year.

La Velada del Año III will be held on July 1 in Madrid, Spain.