iBand Jams with iPhone and Nintendo DS, Lacks Ringo Starr

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Here's a video of a new band that uses iPhones and a Nintendo DS to play their music. Unluckily, they call themselves iBand. Luckily, they are not as bad as the name. And in any case, they show the great possibilities for having fun creating music with these devices. Giz fan Seb, one of the players, tells us how:

Since Electroplankton on the Nintendo DS we constantly think about implementing those sounds, and since the iPhone we like to play with PocketGuitar. Now that iAno came out we just had to try this out! As you said in your article: there has to be an iPhone band! It's the next step. And as we're devoted Giz readers we thought we'd give it a shot and sat down to improvise a little and pressed record on that digital camera.

Unfortunately we only have two iPhones, so we dug out that dusty Nintendo DS. But we want to take it further. There are some guys with iPod touches in our neighbourhood, so we'll gather them and add a drumset with the BeatPhone app and a guitar and lose the DS. So you can expect another song in the next weeks.

[Thanks, Sebastian]