iCap MP3 Player: Genuine Disruptive Technology At Last

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While headphones are a serious cause of hearing damage, there are alternatives. And one such alternative is the iCap MP3 player—an MP3 player in a baseball cap that never bows to social pressures.


The $100 iCap features two speakers with SRS WOW technology that play music from a MicroSD expandable integrated 1GB MP3 player or FM tuner. And apparently the speakers play quietly enough for just you or a loudly enough small group without damaging your ears in the process.

But for those of you who see the iCap as a simple response to hearing loss, you'd be missing the main point. The iCap is an f-you to the whole fashionable iPod generation. There is nothing (and I mean nothing) in the MP3 player industry that is more hideous than this hat. Just as the original punk rockers donned green hair and piercings to shake up the proletariat, so too can you ruffle the feathers of electronic hipsters everywhere with the iCap.


No, the iCap is not cool and it probably won't start any trends in the fashion or music industries. But it's necessary. And I'm glad it's here. [iCap]

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I hope it doesn't survive to a good rain.