iCloud Is Coming to WWDC

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Apple is finally ready to show off iCloud, its cloud service that they built that massive data center for. It was always a matter of when, rather than if, but at WWDC, we'll finally get to see what they're planning.


Apple oh-so-casually made mention of the service today in a WWDC press release, but revealed no details otherwise. Presumably, the service will focus around a streaming music service of some form (probably something like Amazon and Google's services), and probably a revamp of what is currently MobileMe. There have also been rumors that Apple wants to dive further into movies and television as well.

And a little less surprising, though equally important, OS X Lion and iOS 5 will be at WWDC, presumably in completed form. And the great reveal for all of the aformentioned will come at the main Apple keynote on June 6 (this coming Monday). Keep your eyes peeled. [BusinessWire]

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Both Google and Apple are a day late and a dollar short on this.

Everyone's stuff is on Dropbox or Amazon by now.