Iconic 1960s IBM Wall Clock Gets Resurrected

IBM's standard-issue wall clock was ubiquitous on the walls of schools and offices throughout much of the 20th century. It's a perfect example of everyday design that goes unnoticed yet is imprinted in our cultural memory bank.

IBM recently partnered with Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co. to bring back the clock with all its original subtleties intact, including its spun steel case and domed glass lens. But nostalgia apparently fetches a hefty price—you can purchase one direct from School House Electric for $235. [Vimeo via Boing Boing]

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Atomic Buffalo

Who's really foolish enough to think that ANYONE buys this clock because it's the most cost-effective timepiece possible?

Who's really foolish enough to think that ANY public school is buying these?

Your snark is tired. Give it a rest. This is a luxury item. People buy it to make a statement or to decorate their home or office with something aesthetically pleasing. There ain't a soul on the Internet who doesn't spend money on things they don't need.