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IDF 2005 Wireless USB Demo

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At the Intel Developer Forum Japan 2005, a couple companies conducted demonstrations of an interesting new technology — Wireless USB. The fun part about Wireless USB is the transfer rate, with the same maximum 480Mbps speed as USB 2.0. Add to this the fact that existing USB 2.0 products can be converted to Wireless USB products with adapters, and you're almost ready for obsolete technology. Connecting the same Wireless USB device to multiple PCs at the same time is just nonpareils in the icing. More about the demonstrations after the jump.


An Israeli venture called "Wisair" conducted a demo of a digital camera, inkjet printer and hard drive connected to a USB hub, which was then wirelessly connected to the host PC. They also had a demo going of a dongle that could be attached to existing USB products for adding Wireless USB compatibility.

Staccato Communications had a demonstration of similar technology, where they connected a Fujitsu digital camera dev platform to a host PC by Wireless USB. Images were transferred wirelessly from the camera to the PC. The interesting part about this one is the size of Staccato's chip; measuring only 10 x 10mm, it would easily fit inside most modern devices "for a low price."


Next Generation "Wireless USB" Transfer System at IDF [DC Watch]

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