If Alessi Made Cellphones...

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They'd look something like this. The fun homewares brand teamed up with Japanese designer iida, along with Stefano Giovannoni, Marcel Wanders and Patricia Urquiola, to reimagine the cellphone in ways not seen before. They're quirky, but pretty cute.

Shown off at the Designtide Tokyo 2010 show, Giovannoni's cellphones and accompanying docking stations take the shape of animals, with the various designs including a fishing boat (with the dock being the fish); a person walking a dog-shaped dock; and a cat tied around a tree.

While they're really cute and kiddylike, I can't imagine them going on sale anytime soon—Alessi's only other attempt at a software-based product is the Alessi Tab, which should be on sale sometime this month. [DesignBoom via Recombu]