If Alexa Was Possessed by Alex Jones, It Would Sound Something Like This

GIF: The Alex Jones Channel

By default, the Amazon Echo searches Bing when you have a question. If you consider that source of information to be a little too accurate, maybe Alexa Jones is the solution.


Honestly, parody videos like this are rarely very funny. But putting Alexa’s voice with Alex Jones’s ranting is really something special. Ask Alexa how tall Mount Everest is, and you’ll get an answer along the lines of “Mount Everest has an elevation of 29,029 feet.” But that’s just what the globalist/Democrat/banker Borg wants you to think. Ask Alexa Jones the same question, and you’ll be informed to “look it up for yourself, I mean this is what they’re... what do you think tap water is? It’s a gay-bomb, baby.” I won’t ruin Alexa Jones’s functionality as an alarm clock but, I’m sure it would be quite effective.

Check out the full video for yourself, and maybe some generous programmer out there will make a plugin that allows this to be a reality. What is truth anyway? I mean, for a long time, Google Home probably would’ve given you the same answer for “Did the Holocaust happen?” as Alexa Jones would.

[Mike Toomey/YouTube]


Do you really find this funny? It’s not, and it could have been so good. The response clips they used have nothing to do with the questions. With the plethora of Alex Jones quotes to use, they could have made the actual dialog make sense.