Trump Takes Question From TruNews, a Website That Believes in Satanic Deep State Cannibals

On Wednesday, Donald Trump gave a mind-boggling press conference on the accusations of sexual assault facing his Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, alternating between rambling thoughts on how a man named “Mr. Pillsbury” had said China has “total respect” for his “very, very large brain” and smearing the women…

Twitter Suspends Alex Jones for 7 Days, Leaves InfoWars Account Active [Update: InfoWars Has Been Suspended]

Alex Jones, America’s most unhinged vitamin salesman, has been temporarily suspended from Twitter. The social media company has sent Jones to what users call “Twitter jail,” meaning that he can’t publish any tweets for the next seven days. The InfoWars Twitter account, which has just over 400,000 followers, is still…

Facebook 'Unpublishes' InfoWars Pages as Social Media Companies Crack Down on Hate Speech

Facebook has “unpublished” four pages belonging to InfoWars in a move that could financially devastate the conspiracy theory empire. Facebook is avoiding the word “ban,” since InfoWars can appeal the decision, unlike Apple’s recent move to ban InfoWars podcasts, something that’s understood to be permanent.