If Greenpeace Can Break Into a Nuclear Plant, It's Definitely Not Secure

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On a quest to prove that security measures surrounding nuclear facilities are ill-considered, nine Greenpeace activists broke into a French nuclear power plant and hung a banner that said "HEY" and "EASY" on it. Even after Greenpeace told police about the stunt, it took them several hours to track them down.

The plant sits in Nogent-sur-Seine, France, which is about 100km north of Paris. Greenpeace said they attempted the same thing at three other French plants, but according to Al Jazeera were not successful. They also say they have other "invaders" in other plants. Whatever that means.

The break-in wasn't done to damage or tamper with anything, but rather to show that there are more things to worry about than just natural disasters when it comes to physical safety. If a left-wing band of quasi-renegades can gain access to a nuclear facility, who else can? [Al Jazeera]