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If Michelangelo Made Mistakes They'd Look Like This Liquid Paper Masterpiece

YouTube’s Draw with Jazza, also known as Josiah Brooks, is a talented artist who occasionally challenges himself to only work with random office supplies. For his latest piece he worked exclusively with Liquid Paper, a white, fast-drying paint once used to correct mistakes on an ancient device known as a typewriter.


What’s even more remarkable than Jazza’s ability to create a dynamic scene with dramatic lighting and shadows using this material is the fact that Liquid Paper still exists. It’s hard to believe anyone uses typewriters anymore, or does anything with permanent ink pens aside from signing documents. Besides YouTube artists looking for an interesting hook, who’s buying this stuff?

[YouTube via The Awesomer]

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My mother is a retired school teacher, she keeps a standard bottle or two handy as well as a roll of correction tape. Its scary what she can do with them and a copy machine or printer scanner. Im talking ‘Better Call Saul’ class shit.