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People were SO MAD when Apple dropped a fresh load of free U2 into everyone's iTunes; the merry band of middle-aged Irish men just aren't cool anymore, man. When Microsoft unveiled Windows 10, they pulled in some real rock star power for a powerhouse album drop that cannot be denied. Welcome back, Everclear!


I mean, c'mon: Things definitely would have been different during the Apple reveal had the disembodied head of Art Alexakis popped up on our collective screens like some kind of modern day Max Headroom, rather than Bono in his dark shades doing the ET touch on stage with Tim Cooke.


This video—from Funny or Die, aka it is not real and very much a joke—is pretty great, from the grooving silhouettes, to Clippy's cameo and an appearance by Ballmer's blue screen of death, all set atop Chuck O'Rear's blissful pic of verdant green hills beneath a striking blue sky.

And now if you'll excuse me, I'll be listening to "Santa Monica" on repeat for the rest of the afternoon. [Daily Dot]

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