If President Obama could choose a superpower, what would he choose?

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Nearly everyone has asked themselves the question at some point: If I could have one superpower, which one would I choose? Flight? Invisibility? Superstrength? Telekinesis? But what about our current Commander-in-Chief? Would he select a superpower that would help him in his current political office, or something that would let him battle his opponents physically instead of ideologically?


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Obama chatted with the DJs at KOB-FM, a New Mexico pop radio station, and after a lengthy discussion about the relative merits of green and red chile, one of the DJs mentioned The Avengers and asked what superpower he would choose. Obama selected a power that would helpful to anyone who is involved in international diplomacy (or wants to be well prepared for an alien invasion):

This sounds...it's kind of a weird superpower but, if I had something that I could immediately wish for, I would love to be able to speak any language. Now that's a weird superpower, I know that it might not come in handy to rescue folks from a burning building but I've always wished that whatever country I've went to, wherever I've met somebody who spoke a different language that right away I could speak their language. im a great believer in making connections with people. But if it's like an Avengers superpower, then the whole flying thing is pretty good… You can't beat swooping around, that looks like it might be fun.

Bleeding Cool, which pointed us to this interview, notes that the ability to speak any language is the power of Doug Ramsey, the New Mutants's Cypher. And I suppose that, given John Hodgman's discussion of the personality traits of people who select the power of flight vs. people who select the power of invisibility, it makes sense that someone who would run for President of the United States would opt for flight.

Would Romney choose flight as well? And what might he choose for his political superpower?

[via Bleeding Cool]



I am always shocked that nobody ever picks what I consider the most obviously useful superpower.

Super Speed. Sure the Flash can run fast, but the far more useful skill is the ability to think and read at super speed. In any given situation, you could effectively "pause" time, take off, acquire vast amounts of information on the subject at hand, run back and "unpause" time.