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If You Crash a Ferrari, You Can Always Turn it Into a Crashed Ferrari Coffee Table

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Cut a hole in a box. Put your crashed Ferrari in that box. Make her put that box... in the living room. And that's the way you do it. Unbelievably, that's really how you create a Crashed Ferrari Coffee Table.

Created by Charly Molinelli of Molinelli Designs, the totaled Ferrari was shaped so that it could fit inside the interior of a coffee table. I don't think it gets more stupidly swaggerific than having a red Ferrari as the centerpiece of your living room. What's the story behind it! How much does it cost to get one done up, like this? Oh to be rich and foolish and rich and rich and rich.


So, who's going to do this over the weekend? [Molinelli Design via MAKE]