If You Don't Live For Billions Of Years You're Gonna Miss Out

The average human lifespan is a lot longer than it used to be. But we're barely into triple digits here and if we individually want to see anything awesome we're gonna have to stick around for a few degrees of magnitude longer. That immortality thing or whatever. Why haven't we done that again?


Luckily Vsauce has provided us with a quick rundown of some of the highlights we will be missing, like super novae in our galactic neighborhood, the collision of Andromeda and the Milky Way, and the Moon's orbit degrading such that it no longer eclipses the sun. There are so many Instagram opportunities we're going to miss if we don't refocus on an expansive tree of life search.

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In several hundred million years, absolutely nothing that exists on earth now will exist then, whether by natural occurrences or human acts. Hell, humans probably won't even last that long. Or if we do, we would have found a way to live on other planets, probably because we sucked the earth dry.