If You Must Have An Apple Watch Tomorrow, Head To Los Angeles

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If you absolutely positively have to have an Apple wrist computer clamped to your arm by tomorrow, well, you should’ve pre-ordered. But if you didn’t, hope is not lost! (Yet.) Although Apple isn’t selling watches off the shelf in its retail stores, a small number of luxury boutiques are.

It would appear that at least five of the most glittering and upstanding shiny-thing stores — Maxfield, LA, Dover Street Market in London and Tokyo, Colette in Paris, 10 Corso Como in Milan, and The Corner in Berlin — are going to be selling watches to walk-ins.

For those of you worried that Apple’s online-only launch of the watch would kill the ( sad, tragic) tradition of grown people waiting in line to give away money, never fear: the line has already started outside Maxfield in LA. [New York Times]



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