If You Need a ScreamBody, You May Also Need a Vacation

Have you ever been so upset that you just needed to scream, but you didn't want to upset your co-workers? Well here's an incredibly practical solution to that problem. It's called the ScreamBody.


By former MIT student Kelly Dobson, the Screambody is a "portable space for screaming." She had a vision of the future in which every man would want to look 8-months pregnant at all times, so long as he could scream at will into his stomach and then play back said scream through convenient, built-in speakers. She demonstrates this future more than once in this clip for clinical purposes only. So it's really not something to laugh at. Repeatedly.

Because, after all. A good scream is a terrible thing to waste. Or is that money and water I'm thinking about? [via MIT Thanks Jessettr!]



I think a lot of ppl here don't understand the concept behind the exercise. The item itself is most likely a laughable joke, not something to be taken seriously. It's the technologies she used in the project that are of interest.