If You Sell Your Baby Naming Rights on the Internet You Deserve Whatever Happens (Updated)

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Meet Natasha Hill. She's a 26-year-old teacher who's about to have a baby. She just "won" $5,000 in a contest from BabyNames.net to let the internet pick her unborn child's name. What could go wrong?


Voting runs March 18-22 on a ballot that will include names that are currently #trending and sponsored by BabyNames.net. What could go wrong? Nothing, according to Hill, who says her current favorite are Keturah for a girl and Winter for a boy. The three-month-old fetus, by the way, has no say in the matter. What could go wrong?

"I think people will do the right thing and vote for something unique and nice," Hill said, because she is someone who entered a contest to let the internet name her baby. WHAT COULD GO WRONG?

The following is the real list of thematic categories and their examples BabyNames.com shows on its front page for baby name choices:

  • Aristocrat Names: Alastair
  • Bad Boy Names: Biff
  • Brainiac Names: Gertrude
  • Cowpoke Names: Stetson
  • Gentle Names: Gaia
  • Heroic Names: Perseus
  • Nature Names: Free

Any of those will do.


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Update: Turns out the entire thing was a made up. Since not a single person actually entered the contest, BabyNames.net hired an actress to play the knocked up contest winner for some publicity. Rest easy knowing the internet won't be voting on baby names anytime soon.


Ohh yeah lets advertise it even more, so some anon posts it on 4chan and the baby gets trolled before its even born.. am really worried of where this is going..