Get goosebumps listening to Carl Sagan talk about space exploration

I'm ashamed to admit that I didn't know about The Sagan Series—an ongoing series of educational videos featuring Carl Sagan's voice created by Reid Gower—until today, when I watched The Frontier Is Everywhere. The combination of his words, his voice, and the imagery gave me the chills. Highly recommended.

You can watch the complete series here. You can also follow The Sagan Series on Facebook.


Top: GIF from a 360-degree time-lapse by Vincent Brady.

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One of the most upsetting thoughts that I of the greatest that we will never know whether or not we will make it. The two most likely outcomes of our civilization are that we die along with our home planet, the world ending not with a bang, but with a whimper, or we spread out....not colonizing just the moon or mars, but colonizing the galaxy, even the universe. All it would take is one other truely sustainable colony, a colony that one day, would be able to launch it own ships. After that....given billions of years, whats to stop our species from spreading from star to star? Creating dyson spheres and biospheres and creating a green universe filled with life....

I truly believe that this is a possibility....and yet...we will never know....I would give anything to glimpse our far off future...