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If You're Going to Watch This Trailer for The Woods, Keep the Lights On

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The Woods is a new, found-footage horror film with a stellar pedigree. It’s from the team behind You’re Next, one of the best horror movies to come out in recent memory, as well as The Guest, an equally awesome action film drenched in style. The first trailer is now here, and it’s very unsettling.

That team is director Adam Wingard and writer Simon Barrett, who’ve managed to keep details of their fall horror film under wraps. All we know is it’s about a group of friends who take a trip into the woods. That’s a premise we’ve seen about 500 million times so you know there has to be a hook that makes it different. Can you figure it out from the trailer?

Everything in that trailer is creepy as hell, from the chilling rendition of The Police’s Every Breath You Take, to the slow shots over the woods and the quick cuts of the action. This movie has a whole lot of promise.


Here’s the first poster, too.


The Woods opens September 16.