If You've Shopped at Barnes and Noble Recently, Your Credit Card Info Is at Risk

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Barnes and Noble just posted a notice informing customers that PIN pads in 63 stores across the country have been tampered with. The compromised PIN pads could have recorded your PIN number. Not good. If you've shopped at a brick and mortar Barnes and Noble over the last couple of months, keep a closer watch on your credit card statement and maybe even change your PIN.

Barnes and Noble launched an investigation last month when employees reported a malfunctioning unit. After inspecting 7,000 devices at 700 stores across the country—every PIN pad in every store—B&N determined that the 63 units showed evidence of tampering. The affected stores are in California, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island. Check out the Barnes and Noble announcement for a complete listing of every affected store. Here's hoping nobody loses their pay day to this scam. [Barnes and Noble via WSJ]

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Organized Chaos

From the press release: "The criminals planted bugs in the tampered PIN pad devices, allowing for the capture of credit card and PIN numbers."

How do you have enough time to plant a "virus" into one of these machines sitting at the register of a major retailer, and then manage to do it on one machine in at least 63 stores? Sounds like a possible inside job. Highly doubt each of these machines were newly installed, and if they were, it'd be easy to figure out who the culprit is.

There's a full list of each store's address that was affected by this in the source link.