iHome Alarm Clock Rotates Because It Can

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While the iPod touch is capable of rotating to tweak the video aspect ratio, most docks make you choose one way or the other. But the iHome iH41B dock will actually rotate with your iPod, and its digital clock display will adjust to match. For those of you who just own standard iPods, the iH41B is still compatible. So fulfill all those dreams of docking your MP3 player at a 90-degree angle. And never let someone tell you that you can't do something again. [iHome via Crunchgear]


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godwhacker, your incandescent leader!

wow! i cant believe that there is a vessel large enough in the would to contain the amount of "couldn't care less" i feel when a new iwhatever dock comes out. now if it came with "crazy purple knockout gas" you might have [something.but] only then.