iHome Does the Impossible, Fits Laptop Into an iPod Dock

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Did you know that a laptop cannot function on your desk? It's true, the thing won't even boot. Luckily, iHome's iStand is saving the world from this technological travesty.


Just slip your computer into the anodized aluminum rails, and you're good to go. Almost. You see, the iStand Notebook Media Bundle does a whole lot more than just holding your laptop.

It can hold your iPod, too.

Holy fuck.

While we know it's difficult to believe, those speakers in front aren't just speakers. They're part of an iPod/iPhone dock. You plug them in, load your iPod and they'll play back music while charging the device. You know, just like a laptop, but with an ever-so-refined mediocrity that only the most tone-deaf music aficionado will appreciate. Still, iHome isn't done yet.

Oh no, they're throwing in a wireless keyboard and mouse as well for the mere $300 asking price. I know what you're thinking, "I could buy a pretty sweet netbook for that much." Well stop contemplating such practical thoughts and hand iHome your money. They've clearly earned it. [iHome Lifeworks via Crave]



Holy fuck

Ye Gods Wilson, it's like you dove into my head and yanked out my thoughts.