Ikea's Selling an Electric Bike To Help Get All Those Boxes Home

As far as large corporations go, Ikea genuinely strives to be as environmentally responsible as it can. It stopped selling incandescent bulbs in its stores ages ago, there's not a plastic bag to be found, it's wholeheartedly embraced solar power for its buildings and many products, and soon it will be officially selling an Ikea-branded electric bike.

The Folkvänlig (don't ask us its correct pronunciation) will initially be exclusively sold at a couple of Ikea stores located in Vienna, Austria. But hopefully the e-bike, priced at just north of $1,000, will be popular enough for the company to make it available internationally. After all, who hasn't realized they've bought more then they're able to carry home after a shopping spree at Ikea?


Powered by a 250-watt electric motor that provides a pedal-assisted range of 37 to 45 miles—depending on the terrain and the weight of the rider—the bike can be charged from a standard outlet in about five hours. So you can top it off overnight or while you're working during the day. At 60 pounds the Folkvänlig's not the lightest bike if part of your commute involves having to carry it up or down stairs, but the rest of your ride should be easy enough to make up for that. [IKEA via GAS2]

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