iKey Membrane Keyboard Built For Dirty Work

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For those of us who need to do computer work in dirty and harrowing situations, iKey has a new industrial keyboard that's "built to withstand the harshest of environments." The Membrane Keyboard has no crevices, to prevent gross gunky buildup, and a waterproof, washable surface.


The keyboard includes raised, mechanical snap-dome keys under a hardcoated polyester film that's more rugged than conventional silicone rubber keypads. It also has an integrated Synaptics touchpad, like the ones found on laptops, which can substitute for a mouse. The device is especially built to withstand the humidity and dust of industrial settings, such as a work shop or food processing company (or certain blogging locations).


iKey's keyboard comes in either a conventional desktop design or a panel mount model that can be put in a stainless steel case. The company sells it quote-by-quote, so no pricing info was available. A backlit version will be out later this year. [Softpedia

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Great for operating rooms, too, I suppose.

If you've seen some surgeons at work, you'll know what I mean...