Ikkar Transforming Yacht Requires Supervillain Spandex Suit

I'm glad that the Ikkar—a yacht that can open its hull until it looks like a trimaran—is just a really sleek concept. After all, the only people who can actually build it are Dr.Doom, Magneto, and Larry Ellison.

I wish it was real, however. The Ikkar allows for 50 passengers, with suites that have terraces facing the ocean. Stationary or at low speed, the Ikkar can open its hull sideways, deploying two large dock surfaces that allow people to walk and enjoy the sun. On the top, a solar sail—equipped with photovoltaic cells—grabs energy to help power the ship. Inside, a teleporting machine can transport you anywhere in the planet, while an anti-matter cannon could evaporate any enemies out of the water.


I'm just making this thing even better, ok? [Luxury Issues via Born Rich]

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