Keyboarding in the dark? Forget backlighting the keys—this keyboard design concept by Korean inventor Spike Kwon has a "foldable illuminator" that brings a row of LEDs to bear, lighting the way for those who can't find their way around the keyboard without looking. It's a design concept so far, but this is one badass-looking keyboard.

It vaguely reminds us of that upcoming Microsoft Ultimate Keyboard, except with cool front lighting. Take a look at more pics:


Yes, we know, many of you don't need to look at the keyboard at all, but even good touch typists sometimes need to steal a glance at that top row with the numbers and dollar signs every once in a while. Maybe this idea can be incorporated into notebooks, too, if it doesn't use up too much battery power. There was no word on when this design might be actually implemented in the real world.

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