iLuv squeezes even more money out of the iPod with its i182, a dock that lets you record any video source directly to the iPod's hard drive. Because of Apple's wacky content controls (kinda like how you can't just drag and drop MP3s onto the iPod and expect them to play), you need to use the software that comes with the dock in order to enable playback on the iPod. Pretty lame, Apple. While you can set up the i182 to stop recording at a certain time, there's no way to automate the recording process. So, if you wanna record Oprah every day, you'd better be at the i182's side every day at 4 p.m. to hit the record button. Otherwise, you're SOL.

As far as docks go, the i182 carries a steep price tag, $230. True, there's a slot for SD cards and MemorySticks so you can record video in a format natively supported by the Sony PSP, but the fact remains: watching video on the iPod's tiny screen isn't exactly the bees knees. iLuv, we'll talk once you automate the recording process.


Product Page [iLuv via New York Times]

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