iLuv i7500 2.1 Channel iPod Audio System

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The funny thing is, I don't even own an iPod, yet it seems like there's more and more accessories for the little player that could coming out every day. Right now, it's the iLuv i7500 2.1 channel audio system. While yesterday's iLuv i80 iPod Video Recorder was geared toward people who use the video functionality of their iPod with video, the i7500 brings everything full circle with an audio system that will hopefully sound as good as it looks.

The i7500 is available in iPod-matching black or white and comes with left and right channel speakers and a subwoofer (the ".1" in 2.1). There's a full-functioning, multiple iPod-compatable dock too, but that's to be expected from anything with a lowercase "I" at the start of its name nowadays. A remote control is also included in the package.


The little audio system not only plays back the docked iPod, but also digital audio files stored on SD/MMC/MS cards, USB devices and CDs, be they store-bought or filled with MP3s. An AM/FM radio rounds out its audio playback options.

The i7500 is listed as being available now and retails for $199.95.

Product Page [iLuv via iLounge]

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Do not buy this piece of junk. The so called "super woofer" that holds the iPod dock failed after eight days and iLuv customer support will not answer the telephone or reply to my email request for support. iHate iLuv. I will never do business with the company again. - Pat Carroll, Belmont, CA