I'm not Commander Shepard, but this is my favorite figure on the Citadel

Credits at the ready, Mass Effect fans - the first ever 1/6th scale figure from the franchise is here, and soon available for Pre-order. While we wait, let's look at some lovely pictures!


Hong Kong-based Threezero revealed the figure ahead of opening pre-orders for the toy next week, on November 20th at 9am HK time (that's 8pm EST and 5pm PST on the 19th for US customers). Shepard stands at around 30cm tall, and comes with a variety of hands so he can hold his M8 Avenger Assault Rifle, his M5 Phalanx, or his Omniblade tool.

Shep also has alternate heads of both a half-open and fully-sealed Helmet to cover up his face, so you can be the right person you are and imagine its your custom Male Shepard under there instead of the boring default face that only truly terrible people used (I'm sorry if you chose default Shepard, but that doesn't change the fact that you're terrible. I'm only slightly kidding!). Although Threezero's sculpt of Mark Vanderloo Commander Shepard isn't that bad, compared to other figures attempts - I'm looking at you, Play Arts Kai Shepard, you horrifying abomination.

Commander Shepard will set you back around $220 if you want one - head on over to Threezero's webstore and get ready to thrash the F5 button come next week. Excuse me while I twiddle my thumbs and wait for a Femshep and/or Garrus Vakarian figure instead.


[Images via Toy News International]

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