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Impossibly Thin Charging Cables No Thicker Than a Pair of Credit Cards

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Boosting the battery life on a mobile device is easy; they just need to get a lot thicker. But since none of us are willing to give up our svelte smartphones or tablets, we've bought into a life that involves bringing charging cables wherever we go. A hassle that's now slightly less annoying with these ultra-thin USB cables that can easily slip into the slimmest of pockets.

Available in three different versions, each of the LifeLink cables has a standard USB connector on one end, with a microUSB, Lightning, or 30-pin Dock Connector on the other. Pretty much every popular smartphone on the market today is supported. And, while the cables might look a little flimsy, Teflon-coated wires and flexible plastics should ensure the $24 LifeLinks will be able to survive far more abuse than your phone ever could. [LifeLink]