In 1959, People Played Card Games Against Mecha-Foes

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"If you are one of the hundred best players in the world, these hands will not puzzle you." So reads the instruction manual for AutoBridge, a mechanized version of the classic card game that let enthusiasts play alone.


Currently available on Etsy for $8, the seller says the game is from 1959, which makes me wonder: do people under the age of 50 play Bridge? I'm sure it was a great card game and all, but it's tough imagining it was so popular that someone devised away for someone to play alone. It's also tough imagining a world where you couldn't stare at a screen and face off against a CPU foe. [Etsy]

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yeah people under 50 play bridge. it's a good game - it just requires quite a time commitment, which is why I think younger people don't play