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Friday night. You could rally and go out for beers, or you could remain pantsless and stay home for beers, while watching a delightful film about the film industry—specifically, voiceover actors in the biz of narrating trailers. It begins: In a World

Lake Bell plays a somewhat wayward 31-year-old vocal coach living in the booming echoes of her dad, a man famous for his deep commanding chords. Then: She starts snagging gigs from a pompous (and a little bit charming) up-and-comer. Then: She's competing against both of those dudes for a major gig—a dystopic, woman-centric quadrilogy that's bringing back the three eponymous words that made movie history.


I'd been meaning to watch this since it came out in theaters last year because people kept saying how good and sweet and good it was, and now, huzzah! It just went up on Netflix. And you know what? It was good and sweet and good. It's no big budget blockbuster, but all the actors are great and easy together, and it feels comfy and real and nice and I think you're going to like it. Enjoy! [Netflix]

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