In Car, Hands-Free Text Messaging Using Microsoft Sync

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Microsoft has teamed up with voice recognition software firm Nuance to develop its own hands-free text software for use with Microsoft Sync. The software would allow users to dictate SMS messages and possibly emails later on down the line. This would undoubtedly result in far less cellphone-related accidents, not to mention instances where I flip off dudes in Fords. Expect the software to be available in Ford models already equipped with Sync starting in early 2008. []


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i remember reading about this technology a while ago. Back then it was called talking on the phone. Is our society really getting that out of touch with each other? Dont get me wrong texting is great, it helps class go by faster, but honestly there is no reason for this. Pick up the phone and call someone, its not that hard and it will help with your social skills.